Essential digital processes during times of disruption

From business continuity, to workforce and resiliency planning, companies are using Catalytic to keep moving forward in the face of COVID-19.

Catalytic’s complimentary automated Business Continuity Plan

In keeping with our commitment to businesses’ continued success, Catalytic is supporting emergency response efforts by offering a free automated BCP workflow.

How Catalytic customers are using
new automated solutions to respond

Grant Thornton: Rapid Risk Assessment

Grant Thornton, a global advisory services firm, quickly built an automation in Catalytic for businesses to use as a COVID-19 rapid risk assessment tool. The automation intakes a detailed questionnaire and then gives an instant, quantitative assessment of pandemic risks with tailored resiliency plans.

Reveleer: Workforce Reporting

Over a critical weekend for COVID-19 response, Reveleer, a healthcare software company, used Catalytic to build an automation which allows them to collect responses across their national workforce each morning to generate a daily report of employee health and productivity.

Global safety company: Field employee symptom checker

A global company quickly built a Catalytic workflow for daily health check-ins for essential employees who were still in the field conducting audits internationally during precautionary COVID-19 measures.

“Catalytic made it really easy for our experts to translate their knowledge into a user-friendly platform that can be used by businesses to assess the impact of COVID-19 on their company."

Mariano N., Senior Associate, Grant Thornton

Hospital health system: Labor pool management

As labor needs and resource availability fluctuate for essential healthcare workers amid COVID-19 response, this hospital system rapidly built an automated, dynamic labor pool workflow in Catalytic that addresses providers’ changing availability and health. It manages staffing requests during peak demand, automatically giving assignments based on a staff member’s capacity and specialty, as well as quickly and securely onboarding and offboarding.

Enterprise medical center: Resource planning and scheduling

This academic medical center built a Catalytic automation to quickly gather availability for employees who manage hospital operations such as the back office, shared services, research, and operations teams, as well as to intake and manage staffing requests. Together this allows them to respond quickly to changes and manage staff scheduling.

Leading marketing company: Supply chain report

With an automation built in under one hour in response to COVID-19’s effects on its suppliers, Catalytic allows this company to get better visibility into its supply chain. An automated email is sent to suppliers to collect data on the state of their domestic production and distribution, then compiles and generates status reports.

Companies using Catalytic to automate success

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