No code process automation platform

No-code capabilities that cross tech categories such as DPA, BPA, IPaaS, & AI.

Make your work flow. Without code.

Click-and-create your own automated business process workflows

Create no-code smart workflows

Regardless of tech experience, you can build no-code, smart workflows using Catalytic’s intuitive, user-friendly interface. Streamline your processes end-to-end for total optimization in any role and department.

Integrate your existing tools

From project management solutions and document storage, to HR systems and finance software, we have a robust set of integrations ready to condense and connect your slate of applications and point solutions company-wide.

Keep people in the loop

We know technology can’t do everything. That’s why Catalytic’s platform enables you to send key communications to appropriate employees, or route an exception when something needs to be approved by a person.

Empower citizen development

Business users can learn to use Catalytic’s intelligent automation platform to build their own processes, even without an IT background

April J

I love that the tool is highly customizable while also being simple to use. I have no technical expertise, but I am able to build out very complex processes and even incorporate predictive modeling with no additional support. Not having to wait on IT has been huge for me.

April J
April J
-Sr. Director of Business Operations and Transformation

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